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Sur La Voie Ensoleillée

by Malika Tirolien

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released July 15, 2014

Album enregistré au Studio Orange et au studio MgGill.
Prise de son Studio Orange: Pierre-Carl Daoust, Mike Bass
and Bertrand DelePlage.
Prise de son Studio McGill: Padraig Buttner
Prise de son percussions de Fanswa Ladrezeau & Samuel Mazaniello: Daniel rivens au Studio Solo
Mix and mastering: Denis Martin
Photos: IDline Studio
Artwork: Funky-B / and Lexo design

Voix, claviers et sons digitaux: Malika Tirolien
Guitar: Mitcheal Henry, Jordan Peters & Mark Mahoney
Basse: Mark Haynes & Neil "Bass one" Benskin
Batterie: Jahsun
Piano: Parker Shper
Percussions: Fanswa Ladrezeau, Samuel Mazaniello & Elli Miller-Maboungou
Saxophone: Erik Hove
Flûte: Anh Phung
Voix: Fredy V, Meryem Saci, Jjanice, Emrical & Rawn Cana
Beatbox: X-Wam
Keyboard: Joey Shanahan


all rights reserved



Malika Tirolien Montréal, Québec

A powerful stage performer, Malika took the lead in Cirque Du Soleil’s La Nouba. Her performance caught the eyes and ears of Michael League of Snarky Puppy and she was invited to perform as one of eight on the Grammy winning release Snarky Puppy’s Family Dinner. Her performance closes the now legendary performance with the powerful version of Malika’s song (with Frederick Varre) I’m Not The One. ... more

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Track Name: On Sel
On Sel

Today, what’s beautiful and essential
We have to look for it as if looking for gold behind rainbows
It’s now difficult to find and a lot of it disappeared
Because we forgot how we were born
Always willing to receive what she gives
Without ever returning the favor
If we continue, we’ll be gone with her
Cause she and we are one


We shall not let her suffer
(Without her we cannot breathe)
We shall not let her disappear
(Without her we won’t be able to fight)
We shall not let her suffer
She’s tired of letting us know how hurt she is
Let’s respect her, protect her

Forgive us for all we’ve done to you
Cut you, burn you
Separate us from you
A bunch of teenagers who are rebelling
That is what we’ve become
I hope we will be able to grow up at some point too

Your body‘s tired
I can feel you are out of breath
Your back became heavy
And you’re almost out of tears to pour
A big hole in your heart
Is making all your strength melt like ice
I’m scared, don’t let us destroy the circle of life

Track Name: I Ja Fin (feat. Groundfood)
I ja fin (It’s already over)

We have to talk
A serious talk
Cause I can’t pretend anymore
We’re unhappy
We’re arguing
Distance came between us
Every time your eyes cross mines
I don’t feel good
Your path separated itself from mine
It’s a pity but our love is out of sight


I am sorry but I have to leave
With you I can’t stay, with you I can’t grow
What life gave us is over
I am sorry but I have to leave
With you I can’t stay, with you I can’t grow
The sun has to come back in our hearts

Don’t cry
Or I won’t be able to prevent myself from joining you
What happened between us
I will remember forever
I’m tired of reading sadness in my eyes
I’m ready to welcome joy again
The joy we’ve known the first time we met
I want to taste it again and again


I know it’s hard
But it is what we have to do
However don’t ever forget I will always be there for you
Our love was fragile
And faded away like a beautiful flower
It did not happen for nothing
Others are waiting for us

Track Name: Mwen Vlé Sav (feat. Inword)
Mwen vlé sav

(I wanna know)

What are you doing?
What are saying?
What are you seeing?
What are you reading?
What are you listening to?
What are you writing?
What are you touching?
What do you smell?
What are you watching?
Are you laughing?
Are you crying?
Are you under the rain?
Did you eat?
Did you drink?
Are you having fun?
Or are you suffering?

I can’t live without you
I don’t want to live without you
I won’t live without you
Cause the only thing I need to know
Is what is happening to you
I can’t live without you
I don’t want to live without you
I won’t live without you
Cause the only thing I need to know
What life’s bringing to you

Are you tired?
Are you upset?
Are you high?
Are you scared?
Are you sick?
Are you having a hard time?
Are you working?
Are you by the beach?
Are you praying the Lord?
Are you down the river?
By the way, where are you?
Are you alone?
Who did you ran into?
Was it a man or a woman?
What did you talk about?
What did you plan to do?
Did you meet before?
Or was it the first time?


I wanna know what you’re living all day, at any moment
Cause keeping you in my mind makes my heart really happy
Since I’ve met you my life has taken a new meaning
I don’t need to drink anymore, need to smoke anymore to be able to
travel to be able to go into transe
A single word from you is heavier than a few Larousse dictionaries
A single glance from you transforms all the pain into sweetness
What is cold takes sun when you’re around
If you come close, what’s acid becomes like fresh natural bee’s honey
When you look at me I feel all the worth of your love
There is nothing more expensive, not in any banks not in any hidden
What we live wasn’t born yesterday, wasn’t born these days
I believe we’ve known each other for 2 or 3 lives already
So you have to understand why I want to know what’s up with you
Why I want to stay in the light you are diffusing
I love you and I want to be by your side at any time
With my body, my mind and my soul, that’s what counts the most.

Track Name: Patience

Too weak too young were his roots
Too green too hard were his changing buds
Too soon too fast, I wanted to pick up his fruits
My hard work did not have enough the time to grow
Too frail, too thin, was my faith in myself
Bitter and acid were my deceptions, my bad lucks
From my mystake, I learn the theorems
It takes time, but it is worth it


I wait, the perfect time the perfect moment
I organize slowly but surely
I won’t be precipating myself
I wait, the perfect time the perfect moment
The bigger my patience is, the bigger its results will be
Track Name: So Long Ago
So long ago
(Paroles et Musique: Malika Tirolien)

The very first time we met, my eyes and my heart started to fight
Over which one would get the reason why It felt so right
I seemed to believe my life was only beginning now
And why to never leave you was my most sacred vow
I swear You're the song that I've always dreamed to write
You're the one that completes my soul, like when dark meets light
Your lips ignite in me, a fire that will never die
Your voice awakes in me, millions of invisible butterflies


Aaaaah we've met so long ago
Aaaaah we've got so far to go
Everytime you leave it's like watching a sunset
All the light you were sharing followed you when you left
But I can still get warm if I wrap myself up carefully
Into the sweet firestorms u gave to my memories

Track Name: Regard Doré
Regard doré
(Golden glance)

Your fiery eyes set my sould on fire
Your feline walk inflames me
Your hot and tortuous perfume consumes me
Your presence burns me down and I assume it


My heart is imprisoned
By your golden glance
Your exaggerated charm
Your velvet skin
My heart is imprisoned
By your immaculated smile
By your golden glance
Golden like your skin

A jewel embedded into your carnal island
Filled with your sweet natural odor
I envy this little piece of metal
Settled in your austral hair


I offered you this jewel
So a piece of my universe
Could be magnified forever
With your magnetism and your majesty

Your glance obsesses me
Track Name: Sew
(It’s you)

Everything you've done is never enough
Everything you saw is so small when you compare it
Everything you know is like a drop in the ocean
You think the grass is always greener at your neighbour's

But life is not like that
Every roads bring to the same place
Nobody's closer
We all have the same importance


If you don't love your body your spirit and what's in your heart who's gonna love them for you?
If you're not happy with the path you chose and everything you lived that defines you who's gonna be happy for you?
If you don't love your body your spirit and what's in your heart who's gonna love them for you?
Only one person can be happy about the path you chose and the
experiences you've had that define you, only one person can be happy for you, it's YOU

If you were more beautiful
If you were smarter
Passionate love would heal your wounds
Success would naturally follow
A new day would be SMILING at you


But life is not like that
Every road brings to the same destination
No path is better than another
If you are here, you are supposed to be here


Life is hard
I'm sure you already heard that chorus
How many times in your life did somebody tell you this?
If it is not the society who's on the road of perdition, it is our souls, poor
sinners who need absolution
Everywhere you look, there is negativity
So many spirits conditioned to be afraid
Bad feelings that smell like lies are procreating
Because we are imprisoned in our minds like animals
Always have a reason not to be satisfied
Cause You don't wanna realize you were made perfect
your ego takes too much place to much dirt to much space and your soul is
tired of trying to chase
bad vibrations in all directions that are burning
as radiation and humiliation can hurt
Pay attention meditate protect yourself and remember
Love is the only remedy
God's light is shinning since the world was born
But you are the one who choose if you wanna walk in the daylight or
tremble in the dark
Don't let your confidence walk
When your doubts are driving a BMW
No time to waste nothing is impossible
Don't be afraid
Love never dies
And from A to Z: you are the master of your faith

Track Name: Racines

Don’t ever forget them
Never neglect them
Remember your roots
Track Name: Revolution (feat. Emrical & Rawn Cana)
We used to reign
In peace over God’s world
Harvesting what we sowed what we planted

We became divided
When the colonists arrived
To uproot our culture
Despite all the time it took to grow

Since we fell
We only know tribulations
Rocks and thorns cover all the roads we cross

We are tired of suffering
We are tired of slaving away since all these years
Today let’s reunite and rise!

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